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Decentralized markets


Limits to arbitrage in markets with stochastic settlement latency

Distributed ledger technologies rely on consensus protocols confronting traders with random waiting times until the transfer of ownership is accomplished. This time-consuming…

researchhub January 26, 2019


International Air Transport Association (IATA) accepts money in one currency and pays out in another. Originally, IATA used the mechanism of the banks, which have…

researchhub January 14, 2019
Lykke Research Hub's call for proposals

Lykke Research Hub's call for proposals

The grant amount is split into two parts: 50% immediately and 50% upon completion of the project outlined in the research proposal. Newly created Lykke Research…

researchhub December 26, 2018
Decentralized Digital Depository

Decentralized Digital Depository

Decentralized Digital Depository is a global safekeeping service for crypto assets in distributed post-trade infrastructure. The project has been done by D3ledger…

researchhub December 24, 2018
Perm Winter School 2019

Perm Winter School 2019

Save the date in your calendar for the upcoming Perm Winter School’19 on January, 31. Perm Winter School is a community of bright students, forward-looking…

researchhub November 7, 2018

Everything you always wanted to know about Bitcoin modelling but were afraid to ask

Bitcoin is an open source decentralized digital currency and a payment system. It has raised a lot of attention and interest worldwide and an increasing number of…

researchhub November 1, 2018

Decentralized matching engine testing on Hashgraph

One might say that the Hashgraph is the Blockchain killer. Let’s check it out. Hashgraph allows building distributed apps with near to real-time consensus.…

researchhub June 20, 2018

Tradelog data research paper

Lykke invites the research community to participate in the best research paper competition. Settlement on the blockchain creates a transparent post-trade trail,…

researchhub January 16, 2018