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Ubiquitous scaling laws and irrelevant time

researchhub - September 19, 2018 - 0 comments

Today huge companies one way or another make their money processing and selling structured information to other companies and individuals. There is no need to say that these days clear and instantly delivered information is more important than ever. Apparently, there are hundreds or thousands of methods and types of information which can be extracted from the big amounts of data. Just a small part of these methods, such as linear analysis or analysis of standard deviations, has been successfully popularized and is simple enough to be ubiquitously employed by scientists.

In this article Vladimir Petrov from the University of Zurich concentrates his attention on two powerful but not very well-known concepts which are able to reveal some secrets hidden in the price time series:  specific statistical features of all markets called scaling laws and the way how to define time used to study market’s data.

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